Flanders go south wedding

When Flanders decide to go south it gives a Miami like wedding. Forget the formal and classic (Groom’s father wearing converse shoes, yes you can see it on one of the pictures) and so it went for this more than friendly wedding feast. It goes up to the very little details of the groom’s suit which design was thought by himself. That was for sure a wedding made at their image.
Everywhere they go, Hans & Eline are always accompanied by their most faithful companions. It is no surprise then to have two dogs as their witnesses. At our first meeting, the question was if I am afraid of dogs… Nope, I replied, but frankly, how can you be afraid of those two real gentlemen! Are you?
Today, I can’t stop thinking how special this wedding was to me. It resonated deep inside of me. Flanders is the origin of my family. I spend time in my youth visiting my relatives. Just to hear them talking revived all bunch of great memories. That’s one thing. The rest, the couple brought it to me with their simplicity, trust, warmth, taste and letting things be just as easy as they can be. That really made this wedding report totally special. There was definitively something in the air, smooth, easy going and then at one point going totally wild. So it goes when you love for real.
A special thanks to Priscilla the wedding planner who help organizing that day.

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This wedding report has been published on unbeaujour.fr