As simple as this

We are in the middle of France, the Limousin, a region that is loosing its inhabitants. The city hall will host only 2 weddings this year, you bet it was then an event. The wedding is simple, as simple as we can imagine, colours are popping from everywhere, it is an absolute eclectic assortment of people and things. But when I look at the report I find a sense of harmony… Why this feeling is so intense and present ? From all speeches I heard I started to understand. What is binding all those people together is the extraordinary friendship and love shared between friends and family. And this couple is clearly the link for all that magic.
A magical wedding that proves that if the heart is there you don’t need a super fancy avenue, a fancy everything to make it extraordinary. A lot of do it yourself, a pinch of craziness,  welcoming everybody in your summer house, get the barn from the neighbor, set the tents in the garden, bring some food, a good beer, then let it happen. Laugh and happy cry. Take my hand and follow me, I’ll show how it looks to be genuine, simple and pure, to be free as the wind and to dance under the stars.