Where are you based?
I am a French wedding photographer based in Riga, Latvia. However, I mainly work internationally. I have been photographing weddings all over Europe: France, Italy, Romania, Corsica, Latvia, etc. I’m looking forward to where my next assignment will bring me.

When do you start and when do you finish on a wedding day?
When it comes to weddings, I always do full day wedding coverage. This means that I start my work in getting ready-phase and end when the dancing party is well advanced. It is important for my potential client to note that I do not count my time. I am there to photograph the event, and I stay while there is still something to shoot, seeing as I cover weddings in a storytelling way. All aspects of the day are thus important to me. This is what I am interested in reflecting.

Can you attend pre- or post-wedding events?
Apart from the wedding ceremony and party, I can cover extras the day before or after. Examples include a couple photoshoot, or an organized brunch, as such memories can also be of value for you.

Couple photo

How do we get in touch?
To contact me, send a message via the contact form. Here, you can inquire about my availability on your wedding day. If I am available, the best thing to do is to organize a video call wherein we can discuss your plans for the event, your expectations, my personal experiences, etc.

How can we book you for our wedding?
If you chose to work with me, I will send you a contract and ask for prepayment of 10%. This will secure your date from other bookings. It is, of course, deductible from the final installment. If several inquiries are made for the same date (which has happened before), I warn those concerned. The first one to pay will get the date.

Do you need to see the venue before the wedding?
Not really. The wedding venue itself is not the most important element in capturing the best photographs. During the day, the light is more important, especially for group and couple pictures. I will, therefore, find the best place possible when attending. Furthermore, I believe that when the places are discovered with a spontaneous mind, the creative flow is much better and hinders you from repeating old patterns. I may, however, still look the wedding venue up on the internet to get an overall idea.

Wedding venue

Do you take any formal group/couple pictures? How should we organize it?
Even though I mainly photograph in a reportage mode, group pictures are part of my service. To make the process more efficient, it would be incredibly helpful for someone from the wedding party to help to gather people from the shoot or make lists of wanted groups for different photographs. Gathering people is mainly what consumes much time, as there is always someone missing.
There are different ways to organize the couple photoshoot during the wedding; at first glance, before or during the cocktail time, after the group pictures, etc. Around sunset could also be a great option, which could allow for a beautiful lighting scenario.

When can we see the pictures?
The wedding has passed, and you might be impatient when it comes to seeing wedding photos. It usually takes a month to deliver the report, but it can depend on the time in the season. In my line of work, travels to multiple locations may allow for me needing more time. Still, I keep it reasonable by never surpassing the two-month mark.

How many photographs will we receive?
I deliver a minimum by a contract, which is 400 or 600 pictures which depend on whether it is a traditional wedding or elopement wedding. In reality, experience shows that I mostly deliver around 800 pictures, if not more. All photographs are retouched, in high definition, and without a watermark. You will be able to download and share them through your private wedding photo gallery, I have built for you. More information about my wedding photography packages you will find here.

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How do I use the online wedding photo gallery?
When your photographs have been uploaded on your online wedding photo gallery on my website, you can share the digital wedding photos with the wedding guests and your loved ones. From your online wedding photo gallery, you can also order the wedding photos as fine art prints in A4 or A5 formats.

What about a wedding album?
Besides the digital wedding photos, a printed wedding album is also included in both wedding packages. The wedding album contains 250-300 photographs (approximately 240 pages) and is of 25×20 cm or 33×28 cm size. You will be able to see the digital version of the album on blurb.com. If you want to make any changes for the wedding photos before I send you the printed version of the album, you are welcome to message me.

What are your wedding photography prices?
For weddings, my rate starts at 3000 euros (for Latvia, please inquire). This includes my travel fees (for France and other European destinations), meaning you do not have to pay any extras upon that price. The price for an elopement wedding starts at 2000 euros. My rate for a casual couple photoshoot as a pre- or post-wedding event starts at 500 euros.