Hair Monkey

By my street, a few hundred meters from home, on my way to the studio, there is a Barbershop. I went there for a try, it is really convenient for me but are they ok ? I was welcome by Aiga, one of the team member. As for a first time, she asked how I wanted my hair to be. I said classic, explained and also added that I was not a great fan of going for a hair cut often, I can stay months letting them grow long. It is usually my winter style. Well, she replied that then she will do the cut so my hair will grow nicely over time… A few months letter, instead of having a mess on my head, they were indeed still nicely in place. OK she got me, Hair Monkey is from now on definitively my barbershop !
Another day, I passed by, wave hello as usual but suddenly turn back to them to share an idea that popped up in my mind with Tommy, the owner. The week after he asked me instead if I would do some pictures for him. Sure, it does not change so much from the getting ready at a wedding.
So here is the result, enjoy Hair Monkey Barbershop in Riga, a dedicated place for men with a pro team.
Have a close look at Tommy’s tattoo, a pair of scissors, if that’s not a commitment to his job, is it ? Everything feels passion, every single gesture is a picture, done with precision and care and style. So guys, even if you are not from here but wanna spend a week’end discovering the city, don’t forget to pass by the shop.