Flanders go south wedding

When Flanders decide to go south it gives a Miami like wedding. Forget the formal and classic (Groom’s father wearing converse shoes, yes you can see it on one of the pictures) and so it went for this more than friendly wedding feast. It goes up to the very little details of the groom’s suit which design was though by himself. That was for sure a wedding made at their image.
Everywhere they go, Hans & Eline are always accompanied by their most faithful companions. It is no surprise then to have two dogs as their witnesses. At our first meeting, the question was if I am afraid about dogs… Nop I replied, but frankly how can you be afraid about those two real gentlemen ! Are you ?
Today, I can’t stop thinking how special this wedding was to me. It resonated deep inside of me. Flanders is the origin of my family. I spend time their in my youth visiting my relatives. Just to hear them talking revived all bunch of great souvenirs. That’s one thing. The rest, the couple brought it to me with their simplicity, trust, warmth, taste and letting things be just as easy as they can be. That really made this wedding report totally special. There was definitively something in the air, smooth, easy going and then at one point going totally wild. So it goes when you love for real.
A special thanks to Priscilla the wedding planner who help organizing that day.

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At sunset everything is possible

The groom was the one supposed to be the shy one !

Jurmala beach wedding

Summer ends so quickly here. Rain invited itself for this celebration day but who cares, nobody complains this is not the matter this day. In Latvia people enjoy the time spent together. See people laughing, smiling, bringing tears in bride’s eyes. It is so warm and intense.
Even the manager of the Semarah Hotel was nice and helpful to let us shoot the first look in the movie theater as it was clear we could not do anything outdoor because of the non stopping rain. Though the clouds decided to give us a break and we managed to do the couple session in the forest and on the beach with only a few drops, a miracle. This couple is really one for another. It was a pleasure being their photographer and depict this love, simple and true. I’ll grab those words from Kathleen Edwards song: “You don’t even have to speak if you keep looking at me.”. It says it all.
A few tips to understand some pictures. One usage is to present to the newly wed a piece of bred. Each will take a piece, the one who gets the biggest determines the sex on their future child. A boy the biggest ? I need to make that point clear. With them there was no doubt possible.
Second usage that differs a bit from the weddings I report is the toss the bouquet replaced by the bride holding the bouquet linked to the brides maid by a ribbon. Only one is effectively tied, and guess what, the one who gets the bouquet is the one who is holding the tied ribbon to it. Very practical when you are indoor all the time.
It was a fun day sure, guests coming from everywhere, our couple currently living abroad. Friends from their youth, friends from work, family all met back in their native country Latvia. The fun was to follow up for me every step of the day when all was in Russian. It went very fine, just a bit funny when everybody was gathering for the group picture when I was still snapping around here and there then realizing everybody was waiting for me… A bit confusing, but nothing that bad I insure you as I was there before everybody was effectively ready thanks to my very little and funny notion of Russian.
When leaving such a wedding, I am at the same time emptied by the energy you spend all day capturing pictures and filled with emotions that keep your mind flying long after the event. It is sometimes difficult to come back on earth.

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Lovers in the rain

Each drop falling from the sky is a blessing of my love for you


Interview by The Wedding Magazine Ligavam

Latvian Wedding Magazine Ligavam Latvian Wedding Magazine Ligavam InterviewProud to be interviewed by the Superb Latvian Wedding Magazine Līgavām.
Portrait photo by Vladimir Svetlov & Anna Volkova.
Great thanks to Iveta Rikmane & Liene Palena.   

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Another wedding report of mine, feet in the water, published on Got this comment from a fellow photographer : “OH.MY.GOD MATE! This wedding is insane dude!! Absolutely brilliantly captured man, truly world class all round. Cartula Bodas”. So nice to read !

Picture awarded

Wedding Award

5th place for my picture on AG/WPJA contest in Kids being kids category ! So happy.

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Un mariage magnifique, simple et élégant tout en extérieur, capturé par l’immense talent d’Olivier de Rycke, dont je suis tombée amoureuse du travail.

A beautiful marriage, simple and elegant all outdoors, captured by the immense talent of Olivier de Rycke, whom work I fell in love with.

Amélie founder and editor of Queen for a day