Destination Wedding Photographer, France & Europe

Dragonfly Wedding is a destination wedding photography service run by me Olivier De Rycke. I am French but life brought me to Riga (Latvia), where I manage a photo studio and my wedding photography as a destination wedding photographer. Thus I travel all across France and Europe to capture and cover wedding stories.

I have chosen a dragonfly as the logo for my wedding photography website because the symbol embodies the atmosphere and emotions I try to capture during wedding ceremonies. It also, in many ways, reflect my photography style.

The dragonfly is a creature of duality. Not only does it represent adaptability and change, it is also a fragile and delicate creature. Therefore it mirrors many aspects of the subject of which I am dealing with as a destination wedding photographer: couple’s love.

The name of the creature itself is dual. It is fragile as a fly but strong and durable as the mythological dragon. I believe this reflects my photography style as a destination wedding photographer. I capture subtle moments of wide emotions between couples in a strong and candid style, but with a contemporary twist.

Then there is the pocket watch in the logo… If you take some time to think about the symbol you will, much like me, discover another analogy of love. It represents a complex mechanism which needs to be wind up and nurtured every day, much like a love connection would.

Although it might break, the fragility of life is what truly makes it beautiful. Just think about the dragonfly.
I hope to capture the meaningful moments, making certain that love will endure in my wedding photography.


A picture is worth a thousand words. … Get a glimpse into the world of wedding photography and experience the capturing of some of the purest and happiest moments of our clients’ lives. Indulge yourself in beautifully photographed memories from a range of our wedding photo shootings, and experience how a lens can truly capture moments and emotions forevermore.


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